[Top 3] Best Electric Jar Openers Review + Video [2022]

If you are suffering from arthritis or you are tired of opening jars with your hands. An electric jar opener is the best option for you.

Because, believe me, there are some jars that the only superman can open. Electric openers can easily open your jars in a few seconds without any struggle.

That is why these openers are perfect choices for seniors and people with arthritis. And also for lazy people like me.

We have reviewed different types of electric jar openers and found a few ones that are perfect among all. With details, pros and cons are also mentioned.

So, you won’t have any problem finding the best for you. But before we move on these are a few things that should be considered.

best electric jar openers

Before Buying

There are two types of electric openers. One battery operator and another that operates with electricity.

So, you should consider how long their batteries last. Another thing is the opener’s controls, some openers have confusing controls.

But don’t worry we have reviewed and found the best ones.

So, here is the list…

1. Kitchenmuh Automatic Jar Opener

Kitchenmuh Automatic Jar Opener

This automatic jar opener is perfect for senior citizens and people with arthritis. It works automatically and does not require any struggle or labor.

The size of the jar does not matter as it has two flexible and adjustable jars to grip the jar and its lid.

As it is automatic and requires two batteries, it will not use much energy.

It is easy to use, place the jar on a flat surface and remove the plastic or paper seal from the jar (if any).

Place the opener on the jar appropriately then press the button and the opener will do the rest.

For your safety do not put the finger or anything near the moving parts of the opener. The manufacturer has recommended not to use it on plastic jars. Remember that this jar opener requires two AA batteries to operate.

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Does not require any manual labor
  • Can open the jar of any size
  • Little bit noisy
  • It works slow

2. Hamilton Beach Jar Opener

Hamilton Beach Jar Opener

This automatic jar opener can easily remove the lid of the jar with just one click. It can open jars of all regular sizes.

This opener will not occupy too much storage. You can easily put it in your kitchen drawer or on the counter. It is perfect for seniors and people with hand pain and arthritis.

Put it on the jar and press the “open jar” button. The outer and inner arms will grip the jar and will start rotating.

After making sure that the lid is open press the “release Lid” button. If the jar is bigger than the regular size then press the “release lid” button to move the arms wider then place it on the jar and press the “open jar” button. It requires 2 AA batteries.

Pros & Cons

  • Size of the jar does not matter
  • Perfect for arthritis sufferers
  • Opens lids easily
  • Easy controls
  • Not durable

3. Black and Decker JW400

Black and Decker JW400

It is 3 in 1. As it contains a can opener, jar opener, and bottle opener at the same time. If you are suffering from arthritis or you are thinking of giving your grandmother & grandfather then it will be helpful) gift.

As you see it is 3 in 1 and it needs electricity (energy) to operate, definitely it has a high price as compared to other openers.

But it is more durable as compared to other jar openers.

The size of the jar or can does not matter. You just have to place the jar in the opener and press the start button, the rest will do it.

Pros & Cons

  • Multifunctional: 3 in 1
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable
  • Helpful for seniors
  • High price as compared to other openers


We hope that the way we explained the details of every opener will help you in choosing the perfect one for you.

Although, if you are searching just for an electric or automatic jar opener then kitchenmuh opener is perfect for you.

But, if you want more facilities in one opener as well then “black and decker” will help you.

We discuss different types of jars and can openers. If you need any information regarding any opener, then this website will help you a lot. Feel free to send us your feedback.

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