Electrical vs Manual Can Opener – Which is better? [2022]

It is obvious that different personalities make different choices. However, if you want to read a neutral and unbiased review about “Electrical and Manual Can Opener”, then here we are.

Many people face this difficulty during purchasing their can opener. It is not about the Brand of the opener but it is about its design and type.

It is really confusing whether to purchase a simple-looking Manual can opener at a low price or purchase an automatic and electric Manual Can Opener with (often) high price.

But you don’t need to worry about it, as we have made a comparison between every feature of these Can Openers.

After reading this article you will be able to decide easily. After reading this article someone may find a Simple Manual can opener or perhaps someone just love the way an Electric can opener operates. Whatever the reason is we will find out soon in this article. So, here we go.

Manual can Opener Vs Electric Can Opener

Operation (Working)

Electric Can opener has an advantage over Manual Can Opener when it comes to Operation of Openers.

An electric can opener is quite easy everyone including kids can use it. No matter what you have to press a button and let the rest of the work do to the Opener.

Therefore most senior citizens and people with arthritis choose Electric Can Opener over Manual Can Opener. But that does not mean that using a Manual Can opener is some kind of rocket science.

Though can openers are made to make our work of daily life easier. So Manual Can Opener is also easy to use but not as much as an Electric Can Opener.

As Electric Can Opener contains machines, and engines that do the work of struggling, and in a Manual Can Opener you will have to apply some amount of pressure on the opener to open your can.

As you may see at some point Electric can openers can’t handle the awkward and unique design/size of a Can. So you will definitely need a Manual can opener.


As it is obvious that Electric Can Openers contain many tools inside and have many mechanics and machines. So, Electric Can Opener requires more maintenance as compared to Manual Can Openers.

With a Manual Can Opener, all you have to do is just clean it completely after using it. Where ease with Electric Can Opener you will have to look after its batteries, its inside tools. And you will have to take great care during the cleaning.

So it is where Manual Can Opener takes advantage of the Electric Can Opener.


It is obvious that Manual Can Opener is more durable than Electric Can Opener. Manual Can openers are often made of stainless steel and such strong and durable materials. They have more durability.

Where ease an Electric Can Opener has many issues of itself. For Example, taking special care during cleaning, if by mistake a drop of water reaches into the main machinery then sadly there is nothing that can be done to save it.

Well, it does not mean that Manual Can Openers are some kind of super Can Openers they also have durability issues. The main issue with a Manual can opener is that it can easily catch rust if not cleaned properly after use.

Therefore cleaning your Manual can opener (which I will mention later) is the only way to save your opener from rusting.

Another factor that should be considered about the durability of the Opener is the number of cans that are opening daily. If you open many cans per day then I will advise you to go with Manual Can Opener.

However, that does not mean that Electric Can openers are not able to open many cans per day. But if you are looking for a decent opener for home use rather than any commercial use, why pay so much price?


An electric can opener has more features (Bottle Opening. Jar opening etc.) compared to Manual Can Opener.

Yes, a Manual opener sometimes contains multiple features, but as manufacturer’s focus remains on Can opening.

So other features will not be of good use. Where ease an Automatic/Electric can opener has motors that will use to open your cans, jars, and bottles.


Yes, price is something that should be considered. Manual Can Opener has less price than Electric Can Opener.

An Automatic Opener offers many features as compared to Manual Can Opener. As it is more costly to purchase an Electric opener it is also costly to repair it.


Cleaning a Manual Can opener is easier than an electric one. All you have to do is just clean it with a damp cloth and let it dry or you can easily wash it in Dishwasher.

Where ease Electric Can opener requires more cleaning as it contains motors and other mechanics, so you will have to take care during cleaning it. Because simply a little bit of water can destroy its machinery.


With the hope that this article will help you to decide which Opener would be perfect for your kitchen/office, we leave it upon you to make a decision that which one is really best.

As we have discussed many factors about these openers. So it depends on different people’s different needs, as every opener has its own uses.

If you have made a decision about any of them, make sure to check out our reviews on these: Manual Can Opener and Electric Can Opener