(Updated) How to Clean Any Type of Can Opener Easily? [2021]

As there is no doubt that a can opener is a necessary part of every kitchen, as it helps us in the opening can by removing their lids.

It not only saves our time but it also saves us from hard work that otherwise we would have to open our cons with a knife. And trust me it would be really hard and messy. but thanks to this little gadget that made our work easy.

It is obvious that everything needs maintenance. so we have to maintain and take care of our helper (can opener) by cleaning it.

There are different types of can openers and each type has different ways and instructions to clean.

In this article we are going to discuss how to clean four different types of can opener eg: manual, hand free, electric, and commercial can opener. 

Read the article and learn how to clean perfectly..

1. How to Clean Manual Can Opener

manaul can opener

Many manual openers are dishwashers safe so no need to wash them manually, just push them in the dishwasher and let the dishwasher do rest. But, in case you don’t have a dishwasher or your opener is not safe for the dishwasher.

You need detergent, an old brush and some water in a bowl or any other thing. Rub the opener with an old toothbrush after dipping it in detergent, make sure that there is no spot left. after cleaning it perfectly.

Remember: Always dry it perfectly to save it from rusting.

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2. How to Clean Hands-free/Battery Operated Can Openers

battery operated can opener

You need to be careful with this one as it has a machine and it is a battery operator. First, remove the batteries then wipe the battery holding place with clean but not wet cloth.

Then come to its blade and wipe the blade with a little bit of wet cloth or tissue paper after making sure that the blade is perfectly cleaned.

Now wipe the all opener with cloth but not with a wet one. Always make sure that the blade is dried perfectly to prevent any rust or spots.

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3. How to Clean An Electric Can Opener

clean electric can opener

Before cleaning it make sure that plug is out. After confirming that it is unplugged. Remove the blade of the opener. Put water in a bowl and vinegar or detergent whatever is available.

Pick an old toothbrush. Put the blade in water. With vinegar/ detergent for 20 to 30 minutes. Then clean the blade with a toothbrush.

And clean that part of the opener also in which the blade was connected. After cleaning it perfectly. Dry the blade and put it back.

4. How to Clean Commercial Manual Can Opener

commercial can manaul

Blade of commercial can opener can easily be removed by removing its screws. After removing the blade wash it perfectly with detergent by rubbing it with a brush.

You can also clean the other part of the opener by just wiping it with a cloth or washing it as well.

But it will be good if you just wipe it with a wet cloth. Do not forget to dry the blade and opener after cleaning it to save from rusting.

Some can openers are hard or nearly impossible to clean in a regular way just because of their design. But, instructions are given with them, so read those instructions and clean them in the right way.

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We hope that our article will help you in cleaning any type of can opener. Always remember, no matter what kind of opener are you cleaning.

Always clean and dry it perfectly to save from rusting or any spot. We have written different articles on different types of openers that we have discussed before. You can read them here. Operguides.com