(Updated) How to Use All Kind Can Openers [Guide 2021]

Before we discuss the method of using a can opener there are few things that should be clear. As you know there are different types of can openers for different purposes, and different types have different ways to operate.

In this article, we will discuss the methods of manual, hand-free, electric, and commercial can openers to operate.

So, after reading this article you will not have to ask your parents or elders or your friends to – open a can for you or how to open it.

1. Manual Can Opener

manaual can opener

Manual can opener is easy to maintain as compared to other openers. As it does not need any batteries or electricity. However, it can be hard for some people to use it properly. Here are the instructions on how to use the manual can opener.

First of all you have to open the arms of your manual can opener to the point where they lock in one position. Hold the arms with your both hands now, you have to place the cutting blades (edge) of the opener on the lip of the can lid.

After making sure that the cutting blades are placed on the can lid appropriately. Close the arms of your can opener to the point where you hear a hissing sound. That means that cutting blades (edge) have punctured the can lid. If you find hard to close it then use your both hand to close it,

Now hold the arms of the can with your one hand and rotate the handle of the opener with another hand. You have to apply some pressure at that point. After you are sure that cutting edges have punctured the lid perfectly.

Remove the lid from the opener but be careful from sharp edges of the can. After removing the lid remove the opener in the way that you opened it before. Open the arms of the opener by applying pressure and remove it. And now, Can has been opened.

It is not that hard as it seems, is it?

2. Battery Operated

How to use Battery Operated can opener

You can say that hands free can openers are the easiest can openers to use among all. You won’t have to use your energy during opening the can with a battery operated can opener. Most hands free openers require 2 or 4 AA batteries to operate, now what you have to do is just follow these instructions to open your can with battery operated can openers.

First of all check that batteries are included or not. If batteries are present then place the can opener on top of the can and fix the blade to fit appropriately with lid edges of the can.

Then press the start button and opener will start a movement around the can after completion of the round of 360 around can then press stop to stop it but remember some openers turn off automatically. So you won’t have to press the stop. But the majority of these openers have to turned off manually.

So, it was the process of using hands-free or battery operated can openers.

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3. Commercial Can Opener

Commercial Can Opener

Most commercial can openers are fixed at one place with screws or by any other means. So, you will have to come to these openers. Remember, I am not talking about countertop or electric commercial can opener, I am talking about the manual can opener.

So, there is always a sharp blade at the top of a commercial can opener, you have to put the can at the point where the blade is exact at the top of the can. Press the blade with the help of a handle given on top of the opener and puncture the lid of the can. Now your can is locked. Move the handle roundly and Can will move too. After completion of the round take the blade out of the can with a handle. Your can is opened!

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4. Electric/Countertop

Electric Countertop can opener

This can opener is also easy to use, because you will not have to apply pressure or energy to cut the lid as it is also an electric can opener.

All you have to do is take the can to the blade. Put the blade and puncture the lid. You just have to push the button and the blade will puncture and fix to the can so there will be no need to hold the can.

After making sure that your can is affixed to the blade. Press the start button and the opener will cut the lid around the can. These openers have a built-in magnet with a blade that will hold the lid. Now remove the can and discard the lid and there you have it!


So, it was the detailed process of different types of can openers to use. We hope that this article will help you to open your cans.

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